The S Project

These installations are only a fragment of an archive of more than 59,000 film slides.
These slides, belonging to Somerset College, document 50 years of the college’s history. They are also an invaluable document of the social history and memories of our area.
Yet, they were all discarded, thrown in a skip, deemed obsolete, forgotten in our race to an unknown future.

Now more than ever it is paramount to stop and reflect on the importance of teaching and on the role our educators play in inspiring future generations. At the time when Art and Design disciplines are been overlooked and underfunded this archive is a reminder of the breadth and richness of art.
Now more than ever we need ‘spaces of release’.

The ‘S Project’ is an attempt at doing just that; creating a ‘living archive’, a vibrant pool of visual information that still has a use in our educational establishment but also a ‘lieu de memoire’, a place for reflection and pondering.

This is where I see this work being located, within the necessity of emotional release and preservation, and representation of memories for future generations.

This project is dedicated to all the Somerset College tutors and staff, past and present, that have lovingly and painstakingly collected the images in this archive and in doing so have inspired many generations of students.

Anna Newland Hooper
May 2013